Thursday, 21 August 2014

Avro 'Three Sisters'

Formation Sortie

Nocton village had its own personal flypast of the Avro Vulcan and two remaining airworthy Lancasters today. XH558 plus PA474 and FM213 flew over this afternoon as I was walking my two Jack Russells through Nocton Hall grounds. What a fantastic sight, even the two dogs looked up into the sky.

The following photos are courtesy of Deborah Wilson and Ian Goldsworthy - many thanks to both for permission to display here on the blog:

Photo courtesy of Deborah Wilson

Photo courtesy of Ian Goldsworthy

For a video of the flight, click on the link: Avro 'Three Sisters'.

Dambusters remembered 65 years on

In 2008 we were lucky to be able to attend the fly-past of PA474 at Derwent Reservoir in Derbyshire, to mark the 65th Anniversary of the World War II Dambusters mission. This particular location was used by the original pilots to train ahead of their famous raid. You might like to view the video.


'Black Buck' Raid

In 2012 we were also fortunate to be able to attend the 30th Anniversary of the 'Black Buck' Raid which celebrated, what was then the longest bombing mission ever attempted, when the Avro Vulcan bombed the runway during the Falklands War.

Photo courtesy of Official Photographer to event

This amazing aircraft left a deep impression on me ever since watching it grace our skies and hearing it howl at the Barton Airshow more years ago than I would like to remember.

My video shows the Vulcan taking-off at Waddington Airshow in 2013.


Another shows XH558 taxiing prior to take-off at RAF Waddington in 2014.



Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Rural mobile signal

EE first and Vodafone last in mobile phone tests

'Last week research from Ofcom showed EE had the best services across the UK, while Vodafone has the worst quality of calls for mobile phone customers in rural areas.'

Which mobile network has the best coverage?

'There’s nothing more annoying than poor mobile signal when you’re trying to make a call or get online, so it’s crucial to choose a provider with good coverage, particularly in your area.'

Mobile phone coverage

'Struggling to choose a mobile phone network? Compare network coverage information here.'

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Great Northern Great Eastern Rail Line

Level crossing danger warning due to faster trains on GNGE line

'People are being warned to take extra care on level crossings because work to upgrade a railway line is making trains faster and quieter.'

Network Rail completes latest signalling works on GNGE line

'Network Rail has completed its work to bring 15 miles of new signalling into service on the Great Northern Great Eastern (GNGE) line.'

Three interesting blog discussions about the GNGE line

Project Managers Having Fun In The East

Will The Updated GNGE Affect Lincolnshire?

What Will A Reopened March And Wisbech Railway Mean?

Renewing the Great Northern Great Eastern rail network

'A programme of essential renewals between Peterborough and Doncaster via Spalding, Lincoln and Gainsborough on the East Coast Main Line.'

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Wind Farm - End to Subsidies

Europe faces blackouts, says energy boss

'The subsidies for green energy are so high that new gas plants, which receive none and are taxed on the carbon dioxide they produce, are not being built, Mestrallet said.'

A message from Gérard Mestrallet

'GDF SUEZ: a company committed to sustainable and responsible growth around the world”, Gérard Mestrallet.'

Gérard Mestrallet - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Europe: back to the Dark Ages?

'Energy Bosses Call for End to Subsidies for Wind and Solar Power. Includes CEOs From Eni, GDF Suez and E.ON.'

GDF Suez Earnings: Utility Takes $20.4 Billion Write-Down

'European wind- and solar-power producers benefit from priority access to the electricity grid and guaranteed prices well above the market price, regardless of demand.'

Friday, 15 August 2014

Wind Farm

Wind farm 'needs 700 times more land' than fracking site to produce same energy

'Shale gas site “creates the least visual intrusion” compared with wind or solar farm for same energy according to Government's former chief scientific advisor on energy'

We need to rethink how we support renewable energy

'Feed-in tariffs are a great way to kick start renewable technologies, writes Chris Goodall. But they suffer from a law of exponentially diminishing returns.'

Nocton Fen – Exploring the Wind Energy Potential

'Vattenfall is exploring the potential for developing a wind energy project at Nocton Fen, an area of land 9km² in size, to the east of the village of Nocton in Lincolnshire.'