Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Broadband issues - update

BT Openreach sorting problems

I understand there are still reports of many telephone lines and broadband with a disconnected service, or linked to alternative numbers in Nocton. However, rest assured the BT Openreach guys are on-site again today and are working to troubleshoot and repair the problem.

If you haven't done so already, please make sure you have reported your particular issue to the telephone/broadband supplier who provides your service. The engineer can only attend to those problems he has on his notification system.
Image courtesy of BBC

In view of the ongoing problems, I requested an update from Steve Brookes this morning. This is what he had to say on the matter:

From: Geoff Hall
Sent: 31 August 2016 06:55
To: Stephen Brookes
Subject: Update - Nocton

Good morning Steve,

I can’t imagine the many issues that have faced you upon your return to work, however I trust you had a good break.

The work in Nocton has caused a few problems, some of which still haven’t been resolved, despite the hard work of the Openreach lads yesterday. As you are probably aware by now, the copper connection of PCP17 was carried out by Telec Utilities over the Bank Holiday weekend, but unfortunately this left almost 30 properties with line problems. I have been advised there are still a few remaining issues – one relates to the Parish Council chairman’s broadband/telephone line… and he is not best pleased!!

However, I’m sure these minor hiccups will be fixed over the next few days, so I’m more focused now in the actual commissioning of the fibre cabinet and the change request to transfer over the legacy lines.

The latest news from Owen whilst you were away was that: ECD remains mid-September as per the update from Openreach, if this is achieved commission should be complete and services available by the end of September.
  1. Can you confirm with the project team this is still the case please?
  2. Additionally, please will you try and determine the scheduled dates for moving the remaining legacy lines?
As Cab 3 [Dunston junction] is now directly connected through to the new cabinet 17… and the BT engineer has assured me there are sufficient spare lines, there shouldn’t be the need for costly civil work.

Given that the initial deadline of March 2016 for the fibre service has slipped somewhat, we don’t want to be waiting months before the remaining lines are transferred over to the new cabinet. My neighbours and I are very keen to get our lines transferred over to the new cabinet asap, so that we will finally be able to apply for the fibre service sooner rather than later.

Hoping you can come back with some good news.

Best regards,

From: Stephen Brookes
Sent: 31 August 2016 08:48
To: Geoff Hall
Subject: RE: Update - Nocton

Good Morning Geoff,

Thanks very much, the break was really enjoyable. I trust I find you well.

Please accept my apologies for the chaos that has prevailed over the past couple of days at Nocton. As I understand things, the contractors caused a few issues whilst carrying out a certain aspect of the changeover work and whilst this isn't in anyway the norm, a certain 'Law' dictates that it if it could go wrong, it would go wrong at Nocton.

I am told this morning that all that final bits of the copper changeover and this will completed this week. That then allows final testing and completion of the job. Mid-September looks reasonable in terms of achievement.

With regard to the transfer of the legacy lines, it is our intention to ask BT to complete them as a matter of urgency as soon as the cabinet is fully completed. As I mentioned before, this aspect of the work is covered by a Change Request which I should get imminently for my sign off. This then releases the job into the workstream.

I am meeting BT on Thursday and will get a firm commitment from them in terms of a date for this changeover.

Once again, my apologies for the delays and thanks to everyone for their continued patience in this matter.

Lincolnshire Broadband Programme Manager

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Broadband issues - update

Enabling the new cabinet

My previous blog refers.

As part of the work to commission the new fibre service in the village, I understand the copper lines for the village have now to be connected direct from the main cabinet 3 [Dunston junction] to the new cabinet PCP17 [The Green], instead of via the old Pillar 3/2 cabinet [Post Office].

The contractors for BT Openreach [Telec Utilities] have been in the village throughout the Bank Holiday weekend to carry out this extensive re-routing work, but unfortunately some properties have been left without a phone line/broadband service.

The BT engineer is currently on-site and is aware of at least 20 customers without a service. He is going to try and get authority to repair the problem, instead of Telec Utilities having to come out again to fix the issue.

Update [11.00am]
I have now been advised the reported disconnections have increased to 27... therefore Telec Utilities are having to return on-site to resolve the issues.

Further Update [11.54am]
Telec will not be back on-site now as the work is being handled by BT Openreach direct. The engineer currently working on it estimates it will take until tomorrow to get it all sorted. If you haven't phoned in your problem, please make sure your fault has been registered with your provider e.g. BT, TalkTalk or whoever and then this will be reported to the engineer to fix.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Properties for sale - Nocton

Do we really need more executive-type homes?

Conservation Area - Heritage

The Garden House, Nocton Hall, Nocton - £475,000
4 bedroom Grade II Listed property

Wrays Cottage, The Green, Nocton - £475,000
4 bedroom 19th Century property

Conservation Area - Modern

The Shieling, The Green, Nocton - £675,000
6 bedroom modern detached property

Persimmon Homes - Modern

Parklands Ave, Nocton - £475,000 [Persimmon Homes]
6 bedroom modern detached property

Parklands Ave, Nocton - £490,000 [Persimmon Homes]
5 bedroom modern detached property

Parklands Ave, Nocton - £450,000 [Persimmon Homes]
5 bedroom modern detached property

Parklands Ave, Nocton - £425,000 [Persimmon Homes]
4 bedroom modern detached property

Sowerby Homes - Modern

Nocton Park Rd, Nocton - £335,000 [Sowerby Homes]
4 bedroom detached property

Nocton Park Rd, Nocton - £285,000 [Sowerby Homes - new build]
4 bedroom semi-detached property

Nocton Park Rd, Nocton - £205,000 [Sowerby Homes - new build]
3 bedroom semi-detached property

Nocton Park Rd, Nocton - £180,000 [Sowerby Homes - new build]
3 bedroom semi-detached property

Nocton Park Rd, Nocton - £180,000 [Sowerby Homes - new build]
3 bedroom semi-detached property

Nocton Park Rd, Nocton - £180,000 [Sowerby Homes - new build]
3 bedroom semi-detached property

Nocton Park Rd, Nocton - £179,000 [Sowerby Homes - new build]
3 bedroom semi-detached property

Nocton Park Rd, Nocton - £179,000 [Sowerby Homes - new build]
3 bedroom semi-detached property

Nocton Park Rd, Nocton - £179,000 [Sowerby Homes - new build]
3 bedroom semi-detached property

Nocton Park Rd, Nocton - £179,000 [Sowerby Homes - new build]
3 bedroom semi-detached property

Nocton Park Rd, Nocton - £179,000 [Sowerby Homes - new build]
3 bedroom semi-detached property

Nocton Park Rd, Nocton - £179,000 [Sowerby Homes - new build]
3 bedroom semi-detached property


Two - 6 bedroom properties
Two - 5 bedroom properties
Five - 4 bedroom properties
Ten - 3 bedroom properties

Conservation Area
One Grade II Listed property for sale
One significant unlisted property for sale
One modern property for sale

Persimmon Homes
Four properties for sale

Sowerby Homes
Twelve properties for sale

Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Shieling - up for sale

Beautiful detached home with landscaped grounds makes for the perfect home

'Considering we've been here for more than 20 years, it's safe to say that we've loved Nocton. It really is a lovely village, so tranquil and quiet...'

  1. A link to my blog about the initial planning application for a dwelling behind The Shieling
  2. A link to another of my blogs relating to the planning decision

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Wellhead Lane - development

16/0101/FUL  |  Erection of 4 detached houses with detached double garages

You may be interested in how this site is progressing. The water course re-alignment has now been completed to avoid erosion of the banking on the north side. The maintenance of the beck will be covered by the use of a covenant.

Re-alignment of the water course

The area of breezeblock on the front elevation of Plot 1 will be hidden by a slate roof extending the width of the building over the two bay windows.

Plot 1 now with roof timbers erected; Plot 2 almost at first floor level 

The planning permission has certain conditions, one of which is that prior to the commencement of construction of any building(s) or commencement of the use, the vehicular access to the development must be in accordance with the Proposed Site Plan. This has required a new concrete culvert that will allow access over the beck to what will be a gated private road to the development. This is located at the south west corner of the site.

Culvert - and main access to the development

A new footpath has still to be incorporated along the road frontage to link up with the existing footpath near the bungalows. New tree planting will enhance the area too.

No dwellings can be occupied until the private driveway and new footpath have been completed.

Hodgson Close

As can be seen from the Public Notice, the proposed name for the private drive is 'Hodgson Close'.

Naming of street

You might be interested in some of the history behind this name.

George Hodgson was a wealthy industrialist from Bradford in Yorkshire, who took up residence of Nocton Hall in late 1889. He was a very good friend of Lord Ripon, the well-respected owner of what was then deemed the finest agricultural estate in England.

Lord Ripon gave no explanation as to why he had decided to part with his family home, other than he felt the financial strain of maintaining the estate was now beyond his resources. However, he was clearly determined that the state of perfection which prevailed in the park and family areas should continue... and was confident his legacy for the Estate would continue through the Hodgson family.

History well documents how the Ripon family had contributed much to shape Nocton, so much so that a feeling of real security existed in their relationship with the villagers. To lose an individual who had served them all with so much consideration, was an unexpected blow to the community. Coming as he did a complete stranger to Nocton, the villagers and tenants were shattered by the news of George Hodgson having purchased the Estate. That said, his tenure was not to last long at all.

George Hodgson died in 1895 and his eldest son John moved to Nocton. John and his daughter-in-law Ann [the tall and beautiful daughter of Joseph Craven, the first Member of Parliament for Shipley], brought a family of six to the Hall, five sons and one daughter. The seventh child, another daughter, arrived at Nocton Hall. Unfortunately, John Hodgson's health was also to decline, and in 1902 he died at the Hall leaving the running of the estate in the hands of his son Norman, then aged only 25.

Norman set to work, to give the estate a high polish. The Hall was redecorated and wherever possible, labour saving devices installed to give the staff greater help and efficiency. The grounds near the Hall were the first to have the flower borders stocked with a full variety of shrubs and herbaceous plants. The rose borders were enlarged and filled with the varieties most suited for a colourful summer display. Species of rhododendron, first planted by Lord Ripon, were ordered, to add a mass of colour to the side walks through the nearby woods and the 400 acre forest known as 'The Big Wood' received an additional number to enhance its beauty, already famous in Lincolnshire for its rhododendrons and the fantastic displayof lilies of the valley and bluebells. Those who are old enough will recall the sheer magnificence of the Hall grounds and park.

The Hodgson family went on to have a worthy and valued connection with the Nocton Estate, until it was sold to Messrs W H Dennis towards the end of 1919.

[Extracts taken from 'The Revelations of an Imp' by Douglas Craven-Hodgson]