Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Council Tax - 2018/19

Expect an increase

I have tried to identify the expected increases due for the forthcoming financial year from various sources. Some of these figures have yet to be formally agreed, as shown in the source documents.

Band D                                            This Year      Next Year         Increase
                                                          2017/18         2018/19
                                                               £                    £
Lincolnshire County Council            1,173.42        1,231.47                4.95%
Police and Crime Commissioner         205.47           217.44                5.83%
North Kesteven District Council          154.80           159.75                3.20%
Town/Parish Precepts                           66.35             68.91                3.86%

Total Average Council Tax              1,600.04         1,677.57  *           4.85%

* Still to be confirmed

Lincolnshire County Council

"Lincolnshire county councillors will make a final decision on plans to increase council tax by 4.95% at a meeting of the full council.

The council will meet in Lincoln on Friday, February 23 to set the budget for 2018-19.
The planned 4.95% rise includes a general 2.95% council tax increase, which is just under the 3% maximum before the council would have to hold a referendum.

Lincolnshire County Council is also able to add a further 2% to the council tax bills to cover its responsibilities in delivering adult social care.

Band D properties will be asked to pay around £58 more a year, increasing from £1,173.42 to £1,231.47."

North Kesteven District Council

Taking account of the above demands, the average Council Tax at Band D for 2018/19 could be set as follows: £159.75.

Source: see document 

Police and Crime Commissioner

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones will increase his share of council tax by 5.8% after councillors approved the plans.

Band D properties will now pay £217.44 annually instead of £205.47 under the proposals.

Nocton Parish Council

The effect of this budget on a Nocton Council Taxpayer (Band D equivalent) would be an increase of £2.56 in the annual sum paid to fund the Parish Council (the “precept”) from £66.35 in 2017/18 to £68.91 in 2018/19 – an increase of 3.86%.

Monday, 19 February 2018

In the Courts

Jan/Feb 2018

A resident of Fayid Lane, Nocton, Lincoln, pleaded guilty to driving in excess of 30mph on Cross O’Cliff Hill. He was fined £35, ordered to pay a surcharge to fund victim services of £30 and costs of £35. His licence was endorsed with three points.
[6th Jan 2018]

A resident of Albany House, Main Street, Nocton, Lincoln pleaded guilty to being the owner of an alsatian-type dog which was dangerously out of control and while out of control injured someone. She was fined £430, ordered to pay compensation of £200, a surcharge to fund victim services of £43 and costs of £85. Unless the dog is kept under proper control by being muzzled and kept on a lead in a public place, it must be destroyed.
[15th Feb 2018]

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Road closure - Potterhanworth Rd

Advance notice

B1202 Potterhanworth Rd, Nocton

Lincolnshire County Council

Works Ref: GS2004410311920171027000
Carriageway patching scheme