Monday, 29 May 2017

Report of WI meeting

Good turnout

The May meeting of Nocton & District W.I saw a good turnout of members, who came to listen to our guest speaker Rosie, who had just returned from demonstrations in Los Angeles. Rosie’s speciality was making and preserving everything and anything you could think of, indeed she told us her latest creation was pickled Brussel sprouts, which were proving very popular.

Before giving us a practical demonstration on how to make Wholegrain Mustard, she gave us a very informative talk about the history of the mustard seed, which was a cool weather crop. Unfortunately, all the mustard seed grown in England was automatically bought by Coleman’s mustard, which meant all other suppliers having to import the seed from India. Mustard was initially brought into this country by the Romans, and Tewkesbury where they settled, is indeed still famous today for its mustard.

After adding honey, nutmeg and salt to yellow and brown mustard seeds which had been soaking in beer, members, then heady with the aroma it produced, put the mixture into jars, which they then labelled and took home to rest for a week or two before using.  Rosie’s recipes’ together with all the preserving equipment she sells can be found at

The competition of providing something yellow was won by Val Abram, second was Jackie Fisher and third Maria Hall.

The raffle was won by Jackie Fisher.

Next month’s guest speaker is Geoff Trinder, a photographer specialising in animals in their natural habitat.

The next meeting is Monday 12 June 2017 in Nocton Village Hall at 7.15 pm.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

200 Club

May Draw

Congratulations to this month's winners:

Michaela Hall
Peter Hopkins
Robert Howard
Christie Kania

N.B. Robert Howard kindly donated his winnings to the funds being raised with the Open Gardens event.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Sowerby Homes - Nocton Park

Latest news

I refer to my last report about surfacing work taking place in Nocton Park. I am now pleased to report that Holly Close has received its top surface, completing Phase 3 of the development.

Plate 1 - View into Holly Close
Wegberg Road however still requires completion.

Plate 2 - View towards Wegberg Rd
This may somehow be related to the submission of an appeal against the latest refusal of planning permission for Plot 72A. If the appeal is successful, there will be building work taking place at the junction of Steamerpoint Rd and Wegberg Rd, which could damage any new road surface.

That said, it will be interesting to see how the independent Planning Inspector considers the submissions by North Kesteven District Council and Peter Sowerby on appeal, especially since:
  • The Central Lincolnshire Local Plan was adopted by the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee (CLJSPC) on 24 April 2017
  • The Nocton & Potterhanworth Neighbourhood Plan is very close to adoption, going to Referendum on 8th June 2017
I think it is likely these two documents will have a material influence over whether or not the appeal will be successful.

Finally, I have noticed work has commenced to clear the compound at the entrance to Nocton Park Road, which is to be welcomed.

Plate 3 - Clearing the compound
The land known as Plot 72A is also being tidied. Bearing in mind the Planning Inspector may visit the development site in consideration of the appeal, perhaps this is a wise decision by the developer.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Picnic on the Green


Raffle tickets are only on sale ON THE DAY, so if you want to try and win a:
  • Dyson V6 Animal
  • Family tickets to the Lincolnshire Show
or any of the other prizes, then make sure to attend or ask a friend to purchase for you…

Alternatively contact MaryAnn Williams and order!

Tel: 01526 322362 or Mob: 07854 643961

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Planning appeal - Nocton Park

Planning appeal by Peter Sowerby

Location: Plot 72A, Formerly 27 Steamer Point Road, Nocton, Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Planning Reference: 16/1413/FUL
Appeal Reference: APP/R2550/W/17/3172535

"Mr Peter Sowerby has appealed to the Planning Inspectorate against the Council’s decision to refuse permission for the Erection of 1no dwelling and garage (Re-submission of 16/0795/FUL- Erection of 1no dwelling and garage). A copy of the appellant’s grounds of appeal, the decision notice including the reasons for refusal and all other documentation relating to the appeal is available to view on the Council’s website at by using the Planning Reference number as above."

"The appeal will be determined by written statements submitted by the appellant and the District Council. Any comments made at the application stage have been forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate."

"The procedure to be followed is set out in part 1of the Town and Country Planning (Appeals) Written Representations Procedure) (England) Regulations 2009."

"The Planning Inspectorate will publish appeal documentation, including copies of representations received, on their website.   All information provided in your representation, including your name and address, will be published.  If you object to publication in this way, please contact the Planning Inspectorate directly."

Source of extracts: Letter dated 24 May 2017 from Vanda Pollard (Technical Administration Assistant) Planning Services, North Kesteven District Council

Details taken from Appeals Casework Portal

Reference: APP/R2520/W/17/3172535
Appellant/Applicant: Mr Peter Sowerby
Agent: Mr James Rigby
Site Address: Plot 72A Formerly 27 Steamer Point Road Nocton Lincoln LN4 2DA

Case Details
Case Type: Planning Appeal (W)
Local Planning Authority: North Kesteven District Council
Case Summary: Erection of 1no dwelling and garage (Re-submission of 16/0795/FUL- Erection of 1no dwelling and garage)
Case Officer: Jenni Ball
Procedure: Written representations
Status: In Progress
Decision and Outcome: Not yet decided
Case Link Status: Not Linked
Linked Cases: 0

Start Date: 18 May 2017
Questionnaire due: 25 May 2017
Statement(s) due: 22 Jun 2017
Interested Party Comments due: 22 Jun 2017
Appellant/LPA Final Comments due: 06 Jul 2017
Inquiry Evidence due: N/A
Event Date: Not arranged
Decision Date: Not yet decided