Tuesday, 14 January 2014


What next for Lincolnshire?

If people are concerned about wind turbines, what about the next possible solution to our energy problems?

Total joins UK’s pursuit of shale boom

'Total of France is to become the first major oil company to explore for shale gas in the UK, in a big boost for government efforts to create a US-style fracking boom on British soil.'


French oil giant Total to invest in UK shale gas

'French oil and gas company Total will invest at least $21m (£12.7m) in the UK's shale gas industry.'


Cameron promises councils 'fracking' tax boost

'The announcement comes as French company Total confirmed plans to invest about £30m to help drill two exploratory wells in Lincolnshire. It is the the first major energy company to invest in fracking in the UK.'


Total to invest £30 million in fracking in Lincolnshire

'Total is to join a shale gas exploration project in Gainsborough Trough.'


Oil giant Total to announce plans for shale gas fracking in Lincolnshire as Prime Minister David Cameron visits

'It comes as Prime Minister David Cameron visits the East Midlands today, to unveil new plans to encourage fracking sites to be set up.'


Shale gas 'boom' is a long way off, claim experts

'Industry insiders say ministers unduly optimistic in expecting 20-40 wells to be drilled over the next two years and reveal that at most one or two wells will be fracked in 2014.'


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