Thursday, 13 February 2014

Wind Farm

PNF - Protect Nocton Fen

The following email was received for publication:

"Dear All

PNF - Protect Nocton Fen.......No Wind Turbines
Please find attached a brief Update from PNF which we hope will be of interest.

We would also like to thank all those people that attended the group meeting in January. We very much appreciate your interest and support and if you know of anyone who might be interested in supporting our campaign opposing the wind farm we would be grateful if you forward this email and document to them.

Kind regards
Geoff Ward
On behalf of PNF Group"


  1. Good to see the Protect Nocton Fen update published on the Nocton blogpost. I would like to highlight Geoff's emphasis on "Providing the local Community with balanced factual information on the wind farm proposal to promote awareness of the negative aspects of the development." Hopefully as PNF provide more information those sitting on the fence and even those who support the idea of a wind farm, will come to see another side. Vattenfall will of course be promoting the case for a wind farm, and it is so important that everyone in Nocton, Dunston, Potterhanworth, Metheringham and Bardney see and hear both sides of the argument.
    So I say well done to PNF for publicising its intentions.
    Richard from Metheringham

  2. Perhaps unsurprisingly, and judging by past experience there has not as yet, apart from myself been a single message of support from anyone, in response to this publication by PNF, and what they are trying to do. Yes we know there is a hard core of people opposed to the wind farm, but what about the vast majority of people who live in Nocton, Dunston and surrounding villages. There has to be a lot of people who read this blog. Perhaps if I were say to say,that in my view, to build a wind farm on Nocton Fen would be to 'rape' ie.
    violate, despoil and abuse a unique fenland landscape, these rather stark words might hopefully shock someone into making comments. If I were Vattenfall, who I'm sure read this blog, I would be rubbing my hands with glee at the apparent? apathy and lack of interest in protesting about the proposed wind farm by the vast majority of people. I just hope now that someone out there will make some kind of response, or am I just talking to myself!!
    from Metheringham

  3. As ever, thanks for your contribution Richard. However, I have begun to fear you are a lone voice in the wilderness with regard to posting comments on the blog. A shame really as my readership figures show quite high numbers on each daily entry. Kind regards.

  4. Thanks Geoff. I have tried to evoke responses by some of the things I have said. I wonder if some people are reticent to sign up to Google, which means they are unable to post comments.
    Is there any way of getting round this?

  5. People who wish to comment do not need to sign up to Google if they click on 'Anonymous'. The only thing I request is that they place their name at the end of the comment.


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