Saturday, 8 March 2014

Green energy

Loss-making Vattenfall says not in talks over Europe unit sale

'Vattenfall is splitting into two parts - a Nordic unit and a British-European one - and is considering selling its continental Europe and UK operations, sources have told Reuters.'

Eric Pickles guilty of 'double standards' over energy planning applications

Green energy boss Dale Vince says communities secretary is applying greater local scrutiny to windfarms than fracking.

Ageing energy grid holding back farm renewables

'BRITAIN’S ageing electricity grid is holding back the UK’s renewable energy industry, experts have claimed.'

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  1. Well perhaps Vattenfall will have to pack up and go home if it is in financial trouble. Who knows?
    If we think Lincolnshire is the victim of wind farm applications an article in the Scottish newspaper, the Scotsman, said in October last year that in the previous 18 months local councils in Scotland had received a STAGGERING 2500 applications for wind farms - yes 2500!! At least that is what is reported. Its high time the British people organise mass protests against these monstrosities that are blighting and ruining our countryside.
    Richard again


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