Monday, 21 April 2014

Nocton Fen Wind Farm

Important Announcement

The following email was received this afternoon:

"Dear All

PNF - Protect Nocton Fen.......No Wind Turbines
Notice of Councillor Pre Application Planning Forum Meeting

Tuesday 29th April, 2014 at 4.00pm

Venue: Council Chamber, NKDC Council Offices, Kesteven Street, Sleaford NG34 7EF
The Developer, Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd, will be giving a presentation to the NKDC Councillors (see attached letter) on the wind farm proposal for Nocton Fen.

This meeting is open to the public and following the presentation the Councillors will have the opportunity to put questions to the Developer.

It is an important meeting since, although the public cannot speak at the meeting, it is a significant opportunity for supporters of PNF to turn up in force to demonstrate to NKDC and the Developer the level of public support against the proposal.

If you are able to attend this meeting it would be greatly appreciated. PNF will be lobbying outside the main entrance to the NKDC offices before the meeting starts assembling at 3.15pm.

Representatives of PNF will be present to meet you and posters will be provided.

PNF will also be issuing a press release to the media in the hope that they will report on the event.
Kind regards
Geoff Ward
On behalf of PNF Group"

Content of Letter

NKDC letter notifying of presentation by Vattenfall at Councillor Planning Pre-application Forum
Dear Clerk,

I am writing to make all Town and Parish Councils aware that a Councillor Planning Pre-application Forum has been scheduled for 4pm on Tuesday 29th April in the Council Chamber, North Kesteven District Council Offices. The pre-application presentation will be by Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd, relating to land at Nocton Fen.

The scheme is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) for the development of a wind farm. In the event that the developer proceeds with a formal application for development consent, this would not be determined by NKDC, it would be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. The Planning Inspectorate would examine the application and make a recommendation to the Secretary of State who would determine the application under the provisions of the Planning Act 2008.

Councillor Planning Pre-application Forum North Kesteven District Council encourages pre-application discussions with developers who are considering proposals for major / significant / innovative schemes within the District. This is a means to secure early engagement with Councillors in order to share proposal details, hear reactions to it and to respond before making a formal application. A Councillor Planning Forum provides the opportunity for open exploration of the issues in a relatively informal atmosphere and perhaps to identify problems that could be resolved in advance of the formal submission of an application.

This meeting is open to the public but it is not a decision making committee. The developer’s presentation will last a maximum of 15 minutes, followed by a 15 minute Members’ question and answer session. There is no opportunity for public speaking at Pre-application Planning Forums.

The forum is a public meeting which anyone is able to attend. We are not taking names in advance; seating will be available on a first-come first-served basis. For health and safety reasons there is a maximum capacity on the number of people allowed in the chamber at any one time. We are making as much seating as possible available for this meeting in the Civic Suite, but once the maximum capacity has been reached there will be no more admissions.

Please note:
The presentation for NKDC Members is just one element of a variety of consultation processes undertaken by the developer. Other consultation undertaken by the developer as part of the requirement of the NSIP process the developer must consult with key stakeholders, including the local community. The consultation requirements and how stakeholders can participate in the process can be accessed from the following weblink: process/
The developer has already undertaken exhibitions in the local community in November and December 2013 and there are proposed to be further consultation events in the Summer 2014.  These will be advertised by the promoter.  This is a separate process to this Councillor Planning Forum.

I would be grateful if you could share this information with anyone who may be interested.

Kind regards,
Jenni Gibson Democratic Services Officer North Kesteven District Council
T: 01529 308243 W:

Additional Reminder

There will also be a debate at the Metheringham Annual Village Meeting during the evening of the 29th April 2014. For more information, please refer to my earlier blog.

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