Friday, 4 April 2014

Parish Council

Parish Council Report — April 2014

Crime in the Nocton Area
We were informed that there had been two reported crimes in the area during the past month. Lights were stolen from a vehicle parked on Metheringham Heath, and diesel was stolen from Nocton Rise Farm. We were reminded that anything suspicious, no matter how small or  seemingly insignificant, should be reported to the police by dialling 101 although if the matter  is urgent then you should of course dial 999.
Nocton Community School
Mark Cunningham and Cara Watson updated us on activities at Nocton School.  We were pleased to learn that parents and pupils alike viewed the School’s activities very positively, and were informed that the School’s overall SATS results last year were skewed by such a small cohort of pupils taking them.

Village Hall Management Committee
We have appointed Cllrs Summers and Williams to represent the Parish Council on the Working Group to review the Village Hall Terms and Conditions of Hire, etc.  The Working Group will report to the Management Committee, although we will continue to receive regular updates on its progress.
We also agreed to purchase three red Planter Bicycle Racks will which be located at the Village Hall.  The racks will allow up to six bikes to be locked securely at any one time outside the Hall.
We will be donating a luxury Easter Egg as a raffle prize for the Village Hall Management Committee’s Easter Fayre, so remember to buy your raffle tickets!
Nocton Village Hall – Refurbishment Project Team
We have appointed Cllrs Tyler and Burr to the Refurbishment Project Team which will take the refurbishment of the Village Hall forward.  We have also invited  the Village Hall Management Committee and the Social Club to each appoint a member to the Team, and we will co-opt other people to it as necessary.
Best Kept Village Competition and Annual Village Litter Pick
We will be entering the Best Kept Village Competition again this year.  The annual village litter pick  this year will take place on Saturday, 24 May, so please put the date in your diary if you would like to help.  Further details about the arrangements for the litter pick will be published in next month’s Doodle.
Proposed Visit to a Wind Farm
The Parish Council, in conjunction with Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd, has arranged for the visit to the Lutterworth Wind Farm site to take place on Saturday, 17 May 2014.  A coach, provided by Vattenfall,  will collect villagers from the Village Hall at 10.00 am, and arrive back in Nocton at about  5.00 pm. A buffet lunch will be provided as well.  If you would like to attend and you haven’t already done so, please contact the Parish Clerk (preferably by email).

Annual Village Meeting – 15 April 2014
The Annual Village Meeting this year will be held on Tuesday, 15 April at 7.00 pm.  It will take the form of a drop-in session, and provide villagers with the opportunity to look at some proposed options for the remodelling of the Village Hall, and comment on the contents of the Village ‘Welcome Pack’ and the new logo for the Parish Council.  Please do attend the meeting to give us your views – after all, it is your village.
Date of next meeting:  Tuesday, 6 May, 2014 at 7.00 pm – Annual General Meeting.  An ordinary meeting of the Parish Council will follow it.
Councillor Kate Tyler

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