Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Wind Farm

Political Overtones

Ed Miliband: We must embrace wind farms... even if they're built in the countryside

'Britain will have to ‘embrace’ onshore wind farms if Labour wins the next election, Ed Miliband has said.'


Why Ed Miliband's wife could get a windfall from more onshore turbines being built

'Justine Thornton is a barrister who specialises in environmental law and has helped developers in high-profile legal battles to build turbines.'


Cameron told not to appease minority of Tory MPs opposed to windfarms

'Renewable industry and green campaigners concerned prime minister is considering new controls on onshore turbines'


Conservatives to promise ban on new onshore windfarms

'Manifesto will focus on solar power and offshore wind instead in attempt to show Cameron is not abandoning green agenda'


Wind turbines: A blight on Britain’s countryside or the future of energy?

'Accusing politicians of being full of hot air has long been a national sport, so perhaps it’s no surprise that they are trying to shed some.'


Campaign to Protect Rural England

Would like to hear from you if you live near Nocton Fen and have a view or want to object / protest against the large wind turbine development - contact: cprelincs@gmail.com


  1. Here we go again!! I have just voiced my objections to the CPRE and I hope many others will follow suit.

  2. Perhaps more will be interested now it's starting to make the national news. But don't despair Richard, there are many reading this blog who are too timid to comment, afraid of being attacked ... as those of us running the Dairy campaign were ... but it doesn't meant they don't agree with you. Best wishes - Deborah


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