Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Best Kept Village

Message from Jilly Burr

'Hi Everyone

Sorry to bother you so soon after “the Doodle”  May Issue 27, but I wanted to share this info.

The CPRE who run the BKV 2014 Competition have just published their official poster (attached)

I have also attached another copy of our Nocton BKV poster.

We had some very positive responses from the judges last year and more importantly, some pointers in areas we could have improved on.

Within the various constraints we, as a normal village have (money, resources etc),  some of these things have been improved/addressed, so ...
... let’s go for it again this year!

Living in a BKV has nice benefits, if only to improve your own house price!  Smile

Please consider joining others on Saturday 24th May, to lend a hand – “Many hands make light work” and you get FREE tea AND biscuits – BARGAIN! Smile

Thanks then

“the doodle”

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