Friday, 20 June 2014

Superfast Fibre Broadband

Fibre Cabinet

I see a new roadside FTTC cabinet [fibre to the cabinet] has now been installed at the junction of Dunston and the B1188.

Old telephone cabinet on left - new FTTC cabinet on right
Planning permission is not usually required for installation of the FTTC cabinets, but if the location happens to be in a national park, conservation area and other area of special interest, then permissions may need to be sought.

I believe the two existing telephone cabinets in our village fall within the Nocton Conservation Area and wonder if this is the reason why the new FTTC cabinets haven't been installed yet?

Interestingly, my line doesn't actually go through either of the cabinets in Nocton, despite being very close to the one at the Post Office! Following a problem with my telephone line recently, I was told by the engineer that the fault was discovered in the patch panel of the old cabinet at the Dunston junction - apparently this is where my line is routed through to the Metheringham Exchange. It may also be the case that other lines from Nocton are routed through this location too, so once the new FTTC cabinet is commissioned we should benefit from a faster broadband service. If we decide to upgrade to BT Infinity, then this will definitely be the case.

More information
BT Openreach - The Big Build


  1. Mick Middleton20 June 2014 at 14:09

    Fibre has been installed and capped in the underground jointing chambers outside Nocton PO in preparation for a new fibre cabinet. It has also been Spliced and jointed at Nocton junction.

    I guess the Nocton fibre cabinet planning application, if needed in conservation areas, has been applied for but I cannot see anything on NKDC planning portal.

    Mick Middleton


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