Monday, 23 June 2014

Wind Farm

Vattenfall Information Session

The sessions opened in Bardney on Thursday 19 June and it appears this was very well attended. My wife and I visited the Nocton event on the Friday and this too was well supported. The following were some of the handouts available:

Handout 1

2. The current proposal - landscape and visual
3. Transport, grid connection and other infrastructure
4. Noise
5. Heritage, archaeology and ground conditions
6. Ecology and wildlife
7. Community investment

Handout 8

You will see from the documentation that photomontages and a 3D computer-generated model were also available to view. There were various Ordnance Survey printouts to study as well e.g. highlighting potential Grid Connections; showing various routes in/out of site for transportation of equipment;  detailing Areas of Special Interest in the local area; identifying potential viewing impact of the blade height on the surrounding area of Lincolnshire [N.B. the maps have not been scanned for the blog because of potential copyright constraints].

Unfortunately, there were no copies of the photomontages to take away, nor of the 3D computer-generated images. However, a Vattenfall representative did assure me that I would be given access to the material for publishing once all sessions have been completed - this may be via a link to their website though.]

We were pleased to see that some of the earlier feedback had been taken on board. For example, it has already been decided that an underground connection to the grid at Nocton Heath will be adopted, although the exact route has yet to be determined.

I think it is crucial that all visitors to the Information Sessions take the time and trouble to complete feedback sheets and to engage with the process. It is possible these will have some bearing on how the plans materialise over the coming months.

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  1. Good summary Geoff. I spent some time there myself last Thursday and also went to Nocton on the Friday.
    The 3 D computer generated model is certainly worth having a good look at.
    I did not go to Branston on the Saturday, but I understand that residents of Heighington and Washingborough also received invitation letters, so Vattenfall seem to be widening their catchment area.
    Hopefully I will get to Metheringham this coming Thursday.


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