Thursday, 3 July 2014

Energy crisis

Eric Pickles' war on wind farms could blow UK renewable energy targets

'Do we have enough onshore windfarms, or do we have too many? And who decides what “too many” looks like? The Conservative Party has announced it would end subsidies for new onshore wind farms if it won the next election, and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has demonstrated an aggressive approach that has seen two thirds of planning applications for onshore wind farms rejected in the last year '

Brownfield sites are opportunities in the heart of towns and cities

'Brownfield redevelopment was among the issues Chancellor George Osborne raised at his annual Mansion House address, focusing on the urgent need to speed up the process of putting unused land to good use, specifically for housing'... but once a windfarm has been decommissioned, a brownfield site is exactly what is left over. Will this make it more vulnerable to re-development in the future?

Consumer energy bills to rise to keep power plants open

'Households will fund retainer payments to keep more than 53GW of power stations ready to fire up when needed'

Britain 'at risk' of energy BLACKOUTS for the next two years

'BRITAIN could be plunged into energy blackouts amid feared shortages over the next two winters, experts have warned.'

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