Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Planning Application

Wellhead Lane

You may like to be aware of an outline planning application for the erection of 12 semi-detached 2 storey dwellings and garages on a plot of land off Wellhead Lane, adjacent to the old person's bungalows.

The application number is: 14/0986/OUT and can be viewed on the North Kesteven District Council planning portal.


  1. Poor ducks need a new home now , not fair.

  2. Taking the character out of the village all these new builds,more newbys who will want to change the village and make into something its not

  3. Thankyou for your comments, although I do wish people would have the courtesy of leaving their name at the end of each contribution. This helps when others wish to join in the discussion, otherwise everyone will be known as 'Anonymous'!

    I don't think the ducks will have too much to worry about. There are many habitats for them to occupy and you never know, they may even decide to adopt one of the new gardens as their nesting site, if ever these new properties are built.

    I'm interested in the reference to 'newby' or 'newbie', as often in my experience this is used in a derogatory fashion, rather than as a descriptive term without value judgement. I'm unsure how it is meant here. It prompts me to think whether or not I am still classed as a 'newbie' by local folk, despite having lived in Nocton for nearly 10 years now and intend this being my final resting place!

    There is much evidence that unless villages adapt and change, the only people left would be an older (often retired) generation who possibly originate from the immediate locality and are fortunate enough to be able to afford the existing properties. Many younger members of families don't have that choice. Some are more mobile and have to study, work and live away from the village in which they were born. Others are not affluent enough to continue to live here, unless there is affordable housing for them to buy.

    Fortunately, Nocton has adapted over the years and is blessed with a good mix of housing stock - from the lower end of the market (two-bedroomed apartments), right through to the higher end properties (expensive period dwellings). We also have an eclectic mix of architecture, reflecting the various periods of planning guidance over the years, often driven by differing tastes of fashion. Change happens, it is a given whether we like it or not. Some find change difficult, others embrace it. However, nothing stays the same and life moves on... and so should we in my opinion.

  4. Im all for building on the site what other use is it? Overgrown wasted land it will give people a chance to get on the property ladder.

  5. I live in nocton and these buildings being built could really move the village on with time... We need new, young families to move to nocton and to take over our roles. I'm sure the ducks won't be harmed, if you are that botherd about them you put them in your back garden. At the end of the day it is a overgrown field that needs to have some use. I think this plan has a lot of potentionl, I am all for it!


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