Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Local Plans

Local Plan - Housing

'The Local Plan provides for the development of 8000 dwellings in the period 2001-2021.'

Nocton and Potterhanworth Neighbourhood Plan
  1. Plan Designation Area
  2. Potterhanworth Agreement Letter
  3. Nocton Agreement Letter
Local Affordable Housing Need Survey

Nocton Curtilage Map

This can be viewed via this link.

Outline Application - 14/0986/OUT

Following the Parish Council Report yesterday, I decided to have a look at the Outline Application for the proposed development on Wellhead Lane.

I see the application states that it fits with Local Plan Policy Statements H5 and H7 - I have a different opinion:

  • I am not aware a local need for affordable housing has been identified for Nocton, either through the Council's Housing Needs Survey or any other survey for that matter.
  • It can be argued that the proposed development is not within a reasonable proximity to shops or recreational facilities. Nocton only has a small Post Office and Village Hall as amenity provision.
  • Nocton already has a varied selection of 'affordable' housing within its boundary.
  • The proposed three-bedroomed properties included in the outline proposal do not appear to fit the District's priority need for affordable housing - which is for one-person dwelling units to rent.
  • As the proposed development falls outside the curtilage boundary for our village, it is not clear how this can be 'closely associated with the existing dwellings'. Other property on Wellhead Lane is clearly built in a linear fashion - this outline proposal is suggesting a design plan alien to the immediate area.
  • Finally, the development does not 'fill a gap in an otherwise built-up frontage'.

These are just my opinions of course. It will be very interesting to see how our Parish Council respond to the outline planning application, and also what our District Councillors have to say on the matter too.


  1. I have already contacted Cllr Money and he replied with "considering the proposal is outside the village curtilage, therefore not in accordance with policy C1 of the saved local plan, I have asked for committee consideration for this application, rather than it be determined by officers delegated powers". I fully agree with all your comments and have commented on the planning application page to a similar effect. We will wait and see what the "powers above" decide regarding this application.

  2. Many thanks for that additional information and for contributing to the blog.


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