Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Main Street

It was good to see the hedgerows being trimmed yesterday on the approach to Nocton Village. This now gives a clear, unobstructed view of the 30 mph limit signs.

Clear approach to Nocton

There are differing opinions on the advantages/disadvantages of cutting hedges with regard to highway safety though. Whilst an overgrown hedge can hinder the carriageway, it often has the effect of slowing traffic into the village. Alternatively, a neatly trimmed hedge and a wide verge may encourage vehicles to adopt a higher approach speed, because of the better vision. Whatever the case, it looks much tidier thanks to the efforts of the tractor drivers.

Brushing up

Hedge-trimming and tidying

Hedgerow regulations

'A summary of the Hedgerow Regulations is contained in the Defra leaflet 'Hedgerow Regulations: Your Question Answered'. More detailed guidance is contained in 'The Hedgerows Regulations 1997: A Guide to the Law and Good Practice'.'

Farmers frustrated by hedge-trimming ban extension

'Farmers have voiced concerns that hedge-cutting will be banned in August from 2015 to protect nesting birds, as part of EU legislation.'

Hedgerow trimming dates

'The dates when you can trim your hedge vary according to whether you are in an agri-environment scheme or not.'

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