Friday, 24 October 2014

Mega dairies - but not in Nocton

Nocton Dairies Ltd

I remember all too well the ambitious plans for an 8,000 'cow factory' that would have affected our local village for years to come. The topic of the dairy industry dominated my life over many months, until such point when the applicants decided to withdraw their proposals.

The amount of material recorded in the Nocton Blog over the period of the campaign is testament to the considerable time invested by all campaigners, who fought long and hard to influence the local planning authority against the plans.

The specific article 'The battle for the soul of British milk' even refers to our vigorous campaign!

It is clear the UK dairy industry is still facing acute problems. Dairy farmers are under huge pressure, with very low returns that do not even cover their overheads. The industry will need a radical overhaul if it is to continue and survive the competitive world markets.

You may like to revisit some of the blog entries that brought our campaign to an end:

Press Releases

Victory for common sense

Great idea possibly but wrong place... definitely

The battle for the soul of British milk

'The supermarket price wars that let you buy a four-pint carton of milk for one pound are driving farmers out of business. Are American-style mega-dairies the only way for them to survive?'

France's 1,000 cow factory - a second battle of the Somme

'For all France's rhetoric about supporting the small farmer, the authorities are bending legalities to push through the country's biggest dairy farm, writes Evan Jones.'

Collapse of dairy farming could be a rural disaster

'Despite having one of the most efficient production systems in the world, UK dairy farmers are unable to cover their costs and dairy processors are outcompeted by imported products.'

Support for British dairy farmers is vital

'Support for British dairy farmers from the public, processors, retailers and Government is vital since farmgate milk prices have plummeted following the trend on world markets, the NFU has said.'

Dairy industry problems to be discussed in Westminster

'LIZ Truss will meet representatives from the milk processing industry today to discuss the current problems facing the dairy sector.'

The state of the UK dairy industry

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