Saturday, 14 March 2015

Beeswax Farming - public access

Polite request from Beeswax Farming

"Beeswax Farming are happy that the public enjoy Nocton Estate. There are a number of footpaths and bridleways across the estate that people enjoy. It has been noted that a few individuals are not sticking to the footpaths and bridleways or keeping control of their dogs. 

There are a number of activities occurring on the estate including commercial farming, livestock and shooting activities that do not interact well with people or dogs being where they should not be. This creates a number of safety issues.

We are also entering an important breeding period for the wildlife on the estate. This wildlife is thriving on the estate due to wildlife areas with minimal disturbance. Again people or dogs being where they should not be could disturb this wildlife, affecting the hard work being done on the estate.

We would appreciate if people could stick to clearly marked footpaths and bridleways, keeping dogs under control at all times."

[N.B. At its last meeting, the Parish Council agreed to circulate the attached notice from Beeswax Farming, hence the inclusion on my blog. You may also like to read the additional information I have supplied below too.]

Farmland Access

'You are entitled to use Public Rights of Way at any time and some local farmers provide Permissive Footpaths or Bridleways.

Some other linear farmland features – for example field edges and grassy strips – may look like inviting paths, however unless they are labelled as such, there is no Public Right of Way.'

Remember... this is a working landscape.

You, your dog and the countryside

'The NFU is encouraging dog owners and walkers to be vigilant and responsible by sharing some simple guidance to make sure people, pets and livestock are safe.'

Controlling your dog in public

'It’s against the law to let a dog be dangerously out of control anywhere...'

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