Friday, 20 March 2015

Solar eclipse... in Nocton

Solar eclipse set to plunge UK and Europe into darkness

'Millions of people could witness the best solar eclipse in years seen from the UK and northern Europe later.'

Clouds, fog and mist could spoil the show for Lincolnshire sky-watchers

'With the eclipse 'show' due to start at around 8.30am and last for around two hours, the view of the eclipse could well be obscured for many residents.'

The 1 in 100,000 year eclipse: Why religious extremists think we have just HOURS to live

'A rare solar eclipse which will plunge Britain into eerie daytime darkness.'

Man urges Brits to take care with eyesight

'A man left blind after looking directly at a solar eclipse 53 years ago is urging Britons not to look at the astronomical spectacle with a "naked eye." '

Looking directly at the sun can cause serious harm to your eyes

'Experts are warning Lincolnshire people not to look directly at the sun during this morning's eclipse.'

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