Saturday, 4 April 2015

Nocton Fen - Wind Farm

PNF March update

Over the the last months, PNF has been working hard to prepare for Vattenfall's potential Wind Farm planning submission.  At the moment we are still building towards this event and we have the following updates:

1)  Contact list: The contact list has grown steadily over the past month. We still want to reach more people, not just those person's surrounding the development but also further afield. This is a massive development, that will be seen from a massive area and an impact that will spread far and wide. This Wind Farm is also seen as a strategic development for Lincolnshire, and if successful will have significant repercussions right across Lincolnshire. We urge people already on the contact list to encourage as many other people across Lincolnshire and beyond to join, simply by emailing, by post: 3, Wasps Nest, Nocton Fen, Lincoln, LN42AZ, or using the online contact form.

2)  Vattenfall release 3D drive through of site: Many of you will have seen Vattenfall's 3D impression of a drive through of the site. People have already commented directly to us how unrealistic and misrepresentative this is and how this does not show the true impact. Telling us is not enough. We urge people to take leave comments on the site or even just clicking the dislike button. Voicing your dissapproval is important.

3) "Monstrous intrusion" says Lord Cormack: A recent piece in the Lincolnshire Echo by PNF president Lord Cormack highlight impact this will have the historic setting of Lincolnshire.

4) Website: Keep your eyes peeled to our website. We'll be adding more information and new features soon.

Courtesy of the Protect Nocton Fen campaign team

Giant SUPER wind turbines DOUBLE the height of Big Ben to blight British countryside

'THOUSANDS of “super’ wind turbines more than double the height of Big Ben could blight the British countryside in the future, it has emerged.'

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