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A New Village Hall

Nocton - A New Village Hall - Survey Results

Nocton Village Hall

It is interesting to refer back to the comprehensive Parish Plan conducted in 2013, to extrapolate some information relating to our Village Hall.

"Built to encourage the social side of Nocton village life there has been a village hall in Nocton since 1946. The present building was a replacement to the first, which sadly burnt to the ground in 1979. It is home to Nocton’s Social Club and is an essential meeting place for Nocton’s many interest groups and Parish Council.

Whilst this building has served us well for the past 33 years a working party comprising representatives of the Parish Council, Village Hall Management Committee and Social Club is considering ways of updating and improving the building so that it can continue to meet the needs of the village for the next 30 years.

Most residents now work outside the village and according to the 2011 census we have a broad mix of skilled, semi-skilled and professional people of all ages. With 97% of those of working age actually in work and many travelling away (see census data, below), time for participation in village projects is clearly limited."

Population Information from the 2011 Census

Total residents - 819
  • 53 [aged 0 - 4]
  • 40 [aged 5 - 9]
  • 98 [aged 10 - 17]
  • 528 [aged 18 - 64]
  • 100 [aged 65 or over]

What does this mean for the village?

As this is the most recent survey regarding the use of the Village Hall, perhaps it is time to try and put some of this data into perspective.

I appreciate the recent survey was targeted at households, but it is actually individuals who use/do not use the facilities in this village. Hence, I have attempted to use the last recorded population figures from 2011 to calculate some percentiles for study.

I accept that the figures may give a rather erroneous picture, given that the survey sheets completed do not reflect every person's opinion in the household. Nevertheless, the information below may put some perspective on the numbers of people who live in the village and use our Village Hall. It is also important to bear in mind that the population of Nocton has increased since the last census in 2011.

Survey as a % age of the total population of Nocton
Survey forms issued - 310/819 [38%]
Survey forms completed - 103/819 [13%]

Survey as a % age of the population of Nocton aged 18 or over
Survey forms issued - 310/628 [49%]
Survey forms completed - 103/628 [16%]

Survey results of those who have used the Village Hall in last 12 months
As a % age of the total population - 71/819 [9%]
As a % age of those aged 18 or over - 71/628 [11%]

Survey results of those who use the Village Hall monthly
As a % age of the total population - 22/819 [3%]
As a % age of those aged 18 or over - 22/628 [4%]

Survey results of those who use the Village Hall once a week
As a % age of the total population - 31/819 [4%]
As a % age of those aged 18 or over - 31/628 [5%]

I believe this demonstrates the importance of making the new Village Hall attractive to the wider masses.

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