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Nocton Fen Wind Farm - shadow flicker

Chapter 14 - Shadow Flicker

I have selected certain paragraphs from the Preliminary Environmental Information which I feel are pertinent to this matter:

Para 14.2.21: '... All occupied buildings within ten rotor diameters of the proposed turbine locations have been considered. Furthermore, the path of the sun across the sky in the UK is such that only properties within 130 degrees either side of north, relative to the turbines, can be affected.'

Para 14.2.28: '... there is no standard UK guidance on a limit for shadow flicker.'

Para 14.3.1: 'Three occupied buildings have been identified within the assessment area as being in an area which could potentially be affected by shadow flicker.'

These three properties are located north of the Project:
  • 1 & 2 Causeway Cottage, Branston Causeway
  • Old Pumping House, just off Branston Causeway

Para 14.6.6: 'The results show that turbine 20 has the potential to cause shadow flicker effects. The assessment study area shows that turbines 1 - 19 do not have the potential to cause any shadow flicker...'

Para 14.7.5: 'The Applicant is committed to installing a shadow flicker impact control module prior to operation of turbine 20...'

Para 14.8.3: 'With this mitigation measure in place there will be no residual effects arising from the Project.'

Wind turbine shadow flicker study published

'An independent research study into the phenomenon of shadow flicker from wind turbines was today published by DECC.'

Nocton Fen Shadow Flicker Results

Chapter 14 Appendices: Vol 3. Appendix 14.B

If there is no standard UK guidance on the limits for shadow flicker, then perhaps it is time independent research is commissioned to help inform HM Government and the wind energy business on this matter. It is not acceptable to keep saying there isn't current research, or no research/guidance available in this day and age, when the wind energy business is now reaching maturity.

The Falmouth Experience

Video showing the effect of flickering in a home.

Images and Video from Swinford Wind Farm

Copyright: Geoff Hall - Photo of shadow from wind turbine @ Swinford


My final reference document is now here.

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