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Superfast Broadband - update

Superfast Broadband - Question in the House

'At the risk of turning this into a Lincolnshire-only debate—important and desirable as that would be...' Stephen Phillips QC MP

Superfast Broadband for Nocton

This is a link to the last entry relating to Superfast Broadband N.B: to see the debate on that article, you will need to click on the 'Comments'.

This is the latest update - many thanks to Mick Middleton:

Hi Geoff

Might be helpful opening a new thread for this. Its starting to happen.

BT now have an approx cost for turning 3/2 into its own Fibre Cabinet much the same as they did for Navenby Cab 4. Cost are approx and due to contractual reasons I am not allowed to see them. Once they have the full route - detailed costings expected shortly - they then agree Credits with onlinelincolnshire to proceed with detailed planning and deployment .

They also have a likely deployment date which they will also not divulge. I guess this is due to their 'planning bucket' being full - gobbledygook for we are busy.

I have replied with a number of questions one very specifically on the deployment date of 3/2 and the phase stage. Will update the blog immediately I have a further reply.

Thats it.

Mick Middleton

PS. Last time we spoke Geoff I believe you are fed directly from Cab 3 A1188. Similar lines like yourself will be diverted into the new Fibre cabinet outside the Post Office.

Cabinet 3 is at junction of B1188/Lincoln Rd, Dunston
Pillar/Cabinet 3/2 is adjacent to Nocton Post Office
Cabinet 12 is on corner of Potterhanworth Rd/Manor Court, Nocton

Further Update


Projected date for deployment of Nocton Cab 3/2 will be Phase 8 Q1 (01/01/2016 - 31/03/2016)
Change Request is imminent and all indications are very positive.

Change Request is needed for Nocton Cab 3/2 because it is classed as additional work and the original deployment plan theoretically utilises all available funding. Basically due to Lincolnshire underspend the money is there. All additional work such as this would be added to an already huge volume of work (around 100 cabinets per quarter) being undertaken every Quarter.
That's it - will update if I get any further info.
Mick Middleton

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