Monday, 26 October 2015

Superfast broadband

Lincoln village broadband set for a high speed boost

'Almost all of the 210 properties in the Lincoln village of Nocton will see their broadband speeds start to soar next year as part of a county-wide roll-out.'

Wondering why your broadband is slower than it should be – we might have the answer

'We may not be doing enough to speed up our own networks, according to internet watchdog.'

David Cameron: "For too long, too many people in Lincolnshire have been denied internet access"

'Access to the internet is a necessity, like gas, electricity and water. But for too long, too many people in Lincolnshire have been denied it.'

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  1. Hi Geoff

    Interesting remarks in the Lincolnite from Councillor Richard Davies stating “It means residents will soon be able to enjoy speeds over 24Mbps.

    In fact not everyone will get over 24Mbts and those in outlining areas - although a small number - will not get any Superfast connection.

    Generally premises up to 200 metres from the proposed Nocton Fibre cabinet would expect to get 50+ Mbps; those up to 500 metres would expect to achieve between 25 and 40 Mbps; up to 900 metres they achieve from 15 – 25 Mbps.

    You will find that at 1.5km > distance speeds rapidly degrade and therefore at around 1.8km > distance BT will not guarantee faster service and will therefore not offer it.

    The above speeds will also degrade as more and more customers in Nocton join the bandwagon - no matter which company they choose to use but this is not a major problem.

    What is interesting is the fibre take up. If most Nocton residents take up Superfast then those remaining on the 2Mbt package will find their speeds will increase as they remain on a less crowded non fibre network.

    Hopefully the future is bright and its good news for the majority of villagers.

    Off subject - such a shame that Gas piping was not installed with the current power upgrade trench throughout the village. All utilities are asked this when a new opening is proposed. Hey Ho we missed that one.


    Mick Middleton


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