Friday, 27 November 2015

Stephen Phillips MP

Lincolnshire MP calls for ‘home of the RAF’ to have more staff and resources

'Phillips asked for clarification on the plans the Ministry of Defence has for the consolidation of RAF stations in the House of Commons on November 23.'

RAF Stations

'Isil – in the House of Commons at 2:30 pm on 23rd November 2015'

Russia's shot down jet is sending us a powerful message: keep well out of Syria!

'If we are serious about crushing IS, best join in with Assad and Putin.'

David Cameron says bombing IS in Syria will make UK 'safer'

The UK is already a target for Da'esh and we cannot "outsource our security to allies".

Labour leadership in turmoil over vote on UK military action in Syria

'When it comes to an issue of war, it is something that people think very profoundly about. We do usually act collectively, but I think on issues like this there are times when people cannot stick to a whip which is imposed.'

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