Sunday, 27 December 2015

Sowerby Homes - Nocton Park

Phase 3 Development

The final phase of the development at Nocton Park is progressing rapidly. The old football pitch and green field is long gone, replaced by building material.

Photo dated 26/04/2015
 A rather different outlook for the residents of the flats is now visible. The new properties adjacent to the RAF Hospital site have now been built and are for sale with Pygott & Crone. The access along Wegberg Road is being widened with new drainage and kerbing installed. The footpath alongside the bridge over the beck is being constructed too.

Photo dated 24/11/2015
Photo dated 24/11/2015
It appears the property market for Nocton is buoyant, particularly since Vattenfall UK decided to withdraw their plans for a large wind farm on Nocton Fen. Of twenty-seven properties advertised for sale on RightMove in December, seventeen relate to the final phase of the successful development of Peter Sowerby Homes. Occasionally, there are properties that remain unsold in Nocton, but usually this is because of a particular location, or more probably because they are overvalued.

Currently on the market, Nocton can offer a good choice of properties - at one end of the scale there is a 4-bedroomed Grade II Listed property for sale at £535,000, whilst at the other end of the spectrum is a bargain-priced 2-bedroomed flat at £74,950.

Hopefully 2016 will finally see an end to construction traffic in Nocton, with Sowerby Homes finishing their development with a top surface to Nocton Park Road. Only then will residents be able to breathe a sigh of relief at no longer living on a construction site.

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  1. I would say 'successful' development is stretching it. It will be successful for the builder no doubt ... eventually ... but for those of us suffering from living in the middle of nearly 11 years of construction work it has been far from that. It's a shame Peter Sowerby is not a member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme - life for residents in Nocton Park would have been much less stressful. With proper project planning and management, a professional approach and meaningful communication (I was a director of the Park so I know how far that was lacking) this construction could have been completed years ago. Deborah.


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