Sunday, 31 January 2016

EE service down... again

Mast fault

A 'No Service' notification appeared on my mobile phone on 29th January. It was still there on 30th January as well, despite going through all the normal checks and rebooting.

I have been in touch with my provider BT Mobile (which uses the EE network) and there is a problem with the network service for our location. I have also contacted EE via Facebook too in order to raise awareness and hopefully repairs will be effected soon.

I understand the problem is the mast situated at 'The Old Mill' on the MAC Ltd site. It has yet another fault. The only networks available currently are Vodafone and O2.

You can use the Network Status Checker at using the Dunston postcode LN4 2EX which shows the location of the mast.

The service indicator displays the following message:

"We have identified one or more issues that are currently impacting service from this location. You may see several alerts for the same location if more than one service is impacted."


The engineers have discovered a fault with the mast, however it needs a new part which isn't in stock - this is now on 'back order'.

EE Tech Support Level 2 have no idea for when the fault will be fixed, but it shouldn't be too long as it is affecting a lot of people.

Users should qualify for a 'Loss of Service' credit, but this can only be applied for once the fault has been fixed.

The reference number EEIM 620274 has been allocated to the case. EE Tech Support: 07953 966250

Source: Ian Goldsworthy


  1. Thanks for the update as I was struggling to find details online.


  2. No probs Vicky. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. This is the only place that I have been able to get any information so thank you.

  4. Shame our network providers don't take the trouble to keep users informed. Thanks for the feedback Loretta.

  5. I'm messaging them on Farcebook, and they just keep directing me to the link you posted..unfortunately that doesn't give full functionality when using my tablet, so all I can see is that there's an issue. Well my phone already tells me that, with its lack of signal bars.

    I'm going to keep messaging them now out of sheer stubbornness. I have some time on my hands today if you haven't already guessed.


  6. I got a slightly different story than you did..

    "4/7 masts are currently experiencing active services affecting fault. Start Time: 2016-01-29 10:34:00.0, End Time: Unknown. It seems our engineers have not been able to assess the situation just yet, but typically this should be done within the next few days. Incident Ref: EEIM620274

    If you have access to a landline, I'd advise contacting the technical dept via 07953 966 250, and follow the options - 134."


  7. Thanks for that information Vicky. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to fix the problem.

  8. I think part of the trouble stems from the fact that the mast concerned is an old Orange one and I got the impression from my lengthy conversations on Saturday afternoon with their Tech Support Teams that they are running two separate maintenance systems. When I first rang them (Welsh office) I had to go through numerous tests with my handset (and my wife's) before they would accept it wasn't a problem with our phones - the system said there were no issues with the aerial. My call was then escalated to Level 2 to their team in Scotland where I picked up the information about the failed part and it being on back order. Have to say both the guys I spoke to were very helpful although I was 'on hold' for quite a bit of my 45 minutes (they even phoned me straight back at one point) whilst I guess they were making frantic calls to find out what was going on! Bottom line, of course, is that no-one could tell me when it would be fixed.

    Ian Goldsworthy

  9. Thanks Ian. Still no signal this morning. It is mentioned on website, but no solution.

  10. For EE users download the EE app WIFI CALL and you can call and text using your mobile if the mast is out. It goes via your router - assuming of course you have the Internet - and misses the mast completely. Unfortunately it does not receive on your mobile - calls and outgoing texts only - and its free.

    EE offer this free service due to complaints made by customers, like myself, who cannot make calls within their house due to poor line of site with local masts. I suffer this 24/7 within our house in Nocton, as well as a poor TV satellite signal, due to the ridiculous height of trees roadside of Nocton Hall blocking signals.

    As an aside I do believe LEDA Properties need to have some sort of tree maintenance plan and, like the hall itself, the grounds unfortunately are a mess.

    Mick Middleton

  11. Thanks for your suggestion Mick. I now seem to be getting a weak mobile signal indoors, but this is still dropping out occasionally. I hope this is only a temporary fix and a that a stronger signal can be expected in the next few days when a full repair is effected.


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