Thursday, 18 February 2016

Wind Farm... subsidies in another name

Nocton Fen wind farm plan scrapped over 'risk'

'The firm said they were disappointed to pull out but recent changes in government policy introduced "increased risk" into the project.'

Britain abandons onshore wind just as new technology makes it cheap

'Amber Rudd, Secretary of Energy and Climate Change, drastically revised policy last year, announcing that support for onshore wind would be cut from April 2016. She said 250 wind farms in the planning phase were unlikely to be built as a result but insisted that Britain was “reaching the limits of what is affordable, and what the public is prepared to accept”.'

Revealed: the great wind farm tax 'con'

'Ministers may break pledge to stop funding onshore turbines with consumer subsidies.'

Are the Conservatives now succumbing to intensive lobbying from the wind energy sector, threatening a resurrection of plans for a huge wind farm on Nocton Fen?

Quote: 'The proposal being considered by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) would see onshore wind farms continue to qualify for an existing subsidy scheme that guarantees developers a fixed price for electricity generated.'

Local residents will need to keep a close eye on how the politics of this develops, as there seem to be slightly conflicting messages - let's make sure we Protect Nocton Fen!

Government vows to end new public subsidies for onshore wind farms

'The Government vowed yesterday to keep its promise to end new public subsidies for onshore wind farms.'

Onshore wind farm subsidies could continue on islands

'Ministers face fresh accusations of breaking their manifesto commitment to end onshore wind subsidies.'

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